LPG Stove Category Description

We believe that no kitchen is complete without gas stove! Premier LPG stove are designed to give you control over the amount of heat needed for cooking. We care about your safety, our LPG stoves comes with safe gas control knobs, high quality brass burner for fuel efficient cooking and ISI certified product with 2 years warranty.

Premier gas hobs come in various sizes, material and shapes. You can get stainless steel, 2-burner in rectangle or oval shape, 3-burner and 4-burner for cooking varieties of dishes. Or you can buy our stylish black sparking toughened glass cook top that comes in single burner, 2-burner, 3-burner and 4-burner for easy and faster cooking. If you love cooking varieties of dished, that requires medium and high heating, premier LPG stoves is your pick. Is your kitchen small? don’t worry get the single burner or 2-burner trendy black glass top stove. We also got you more traditional stainless steel 2-burner.

Want to cook some tasty slow cooked biryani or coffee for the evening, we got you covered with our convenient gas stove. Designed with ergonomic knob design with gleaming stainless-steel Body and high-quality brass burners for fuel efficient cooking. Want to cook multiple dishes at same time, try our 4-burner trendy black glass top and designed to control heat as per need. Be it traditional stainless-steel hob or trendy black glass top hob, we at premier offer best gas stove in India. Make your cooking with no-fuss, easy to operate, cook and wipe. So, let’s start cooking!
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