Cacao nibs are a superfood and are packed with powerful nutrients, antioxidants, flavanoids, vitamins and fiber. They are made from roasted and crushed cacao beans. Grown in sustainably managed and pesticide free soil, makes this a nutrition powerhouse.

Our nibs are crunchy, flavourful, and are a perfect condiment to your favourite snack, be it cereal, ice-cream, smoothies, trail mixes or salads. Their intense dark chocolate flavour is the best treat to satisfy your chocolate craving without the indulgence.

Serving size standardised to 100g

  • Energy                 545 kcal
  • Carbohydrates   44.00 g
  • Total Fat              32.70 g
  • Saturated Fat     9.80 g
  • Protein                18.75 g

Lic. No. 12420002000327

Shelf life: 18 Months

Weight1 kg


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Roasted Cacao Nibs 1 kg


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