Premier Non Stick Trendy Black Stainless Steel Multi-steamer with Glass lid ( Chef-pan and Steamer) is stylish and hygienic to cook, Safe, Reliable and long lasting.

Hard Anodised Advantages:

  • Extra Hard – The outstanding feature of this kind of cookware is very durable. By anodized aluminum, it’s scratch resistant ‐no chip or peel easily. In fact, it’s twice harder than alloy like stainless steel.
  • Non-Toxic Nonstick – The smooth surface is from electro-chemical anodised process which creates layers of non-stick
  • Non-Reactive – The aluminum inside for preventing aluminum leaching possibility when cooking acidic food like tomato sauces or lemon juices
  • High Cooking Performance – The whole aluminum building, it unsurprisingly conducts heat very fast and evenly. The ability of heat conductivity is inferior to pure aluminum.
  • Easy to Clean – As smoothly non-stick, hard-anodized products are very easy to clean
Weight2.308 kg
Dimensions44.5 × 26.5 × 19.5 cm

Hard Anodised


24 cm


Gas Stove Compatible


1 Year


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