Whenever the wedding season rolls around, the invitations start stacking up in the house. Most of us are left scratching our heads as to what kind of gift to give the newly married couple. How do you make a gift feel personal and heartfelt without going completely overboard? Fret not, Premier is here to help! As the best non-stick cookware company in India, we understand the importance of quality utensils in a household. That’s where our special offers come in. We have carefully put together thoughtful ensembles of must-have utensils for any kitchen! Ready to see what we have in store?

Best cookware company in India

The Perfect Combinations

Anyone who’s been to a wedding knows that the gift is a crucial part of the experience. Most people only have time to attend the reception, click a picture with the couple, hand over the gift, and head back home! The gift is what the newly married couple will remember you by. You want to impress them, don’t you? You’ll notice that cookware is a go-to gift for most people in this situation. Why? As the best non-stick cookware company in India, we’ll tell you why.

Budget-friendly Cookware fits in that sweet spot in terms of budget. It’s neither too expensive nor too cheap!

Utility Quality cookware isn’t just something that you use once and that’s that. They offer prolonged utility, especially to new couples who are starting a life of their own together. Premier fits that bill perfectly.

Durability Adding to their sheer utility, quality cookware is a gift that can potentially last lifelong. Bonus points if they have a passion for cooking!

Range of Choice With cookware, you have the luxury of choice. Premier offers you a wide range of the best and safe non-stick cookware in India.

The above points should suffice for you to select a Premier cookware set as a wedding gift. To make your life easier, we’ve created a set of combo offers that offer maximum bang for your buck! Let’s dive right into the list!

1) Pressure Cooker (5 Ltr) + Nonstick Appam Pan (20 cm)

This is the basic essential kit for any kitchen. Pressure cookers need no introduction; they’re arguably the most versatile kitchen utensil there is. A pressure cooker can make your life much easier with its easy cooking process for multiple dishes. Top it off with an appam pan, and you can whip up easy tiffin items as well! As one of the best cookware brands in India, Premier offers you durable utensils that are a valuable addition to any couple’s kitchen!

cooker appam
Premier Non stick appam pan

2) Premier Non-Stick Cookware Set Of 5

Every kitchen needs a decent set of non-stick cookware for everyday cooking. Not only is it hygienic, but it also makes washing dishes quite easy! The durable non-stick coating ensures prolonged utility, with great wear-and-tear resistance. The set of 5 non-stick cookware comes with:

– Non-stick Tawa

– Non-stick appam pan   

– Stainless steel lid

– Turner

– Non-stick fry pan

This utensil ensemble is thoughtfully pieced together taking a multitude of dishes and snacks into consideration. True to our reputation as the best non-stick cookware brand, we offer a 1-year warranty on this product. Gift the newlyweds with a five-fold cooking delight with this set of 5!

Premier original spares
Premier Non Stick Cookware 5 Piece Set HG-518

3) Non-Stick Induction Cookware Set of 4

A modern lifestyle requires modern solutions! Induction stoves are becoming more commonplace, thanks to their energy efficiency. Induction stoves require special induction cookware that can withstand induction heat. They also need to have non-stick properties to facilitate cleaning. Premier’s set of 4 induction cookware consists of:

– Fry Pan

– Spatula & Scrubber

– Tawa

– 24 cm Kadai

The spatula and scrubber help make cleaning the utensils a lot easier. Premier also offers a warranty on all its products, so the newlyweds can rest assured of product quality! This assortment is perfect for modern couples, so go ahead and wrap it up!

Premier Non Stick Induction Bottom Cookware 4 Piece of Set
Premier Non Stick Induction Bottom Cookware 4 Piece of Set

4) Aluminium Pressure Cooker (5 Ltr) + Idly Stand

This relatively lightweight combo will be a lifesaver for newly married couples. The cooker is versatile, being usable on both gas as well as induction stoves. The stainless steel build of the plates and cooker make them a breeze to clean. Solidifying our reputation as the best non-stick cookware company, we’ve also kept your safety in mind! The cooker comes with a metallic safety plug to prevent accidents. Along with the idly plates, it’s perfect for breakfast and lunch dishes alike! Gift this thoughtful package as a wedding gift today!

Premier Aluminium Pressure Cooker 5 Ltr & Stainless Steel Idly Stand Combo
Premier Aluminium Pressure Cooker 5 Ltr & Stainless Steel Idly Stand Combo

5) Non-Stick Cookware 12-set Piece

If you want to splurge on a wedding gift, this is your best bet. This assortment of non-stick utensils covers most of what a kitchen needs for variety in cooking. They’re easy to use and clean, so you never have to worry about cooking hiccups with them. As part of the set, you get:

– 2 Fry Pans (20, 24 cms)

– Kadai (24 cms)

– Appam Chatty (22 cms)

– SS and Glass Lid

–  Tawa and Nylon Spoons (5)

Each unit in this package is highly durable and resistant to wear-and-tear. It’s the ideal gift for any couple, straight from the best non-stick cookware brand in India. Go ahead and make their new life brighter with this set of 12 utensils from Premier!

Premier Non Stick Cookware 12 Piece Set HG507
Premier Non Stick Cookware 12 Piece Set HG507

A Taste For Good Gifts

With Premier, you don’t need to fret about last-minute wedding gift shopping. As one of the best cookware brands in the country, we have you covered! The range of cooking utensil combos above is just a glimpse of what we have to offer. For the full range, check out our shop website, https://www.premierkitchen.in/shop! Happy shopping!

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