Non-Stick, Non-stick everywhere!

 Do you envy the super humans who cook, clean and work, and wish that you had the time and energy that they do?

The secret to achieving more within lesser amounts of time isn’t back breaking hard work. It is Smart Work! Every minute saved in cooking, cleaning and preparation of food is a minute that can be spent with the family, or time spent in self-care.

Non-stick cookware makes Smart-work in the kitchen easy-peasy. You can whip up tasty dishes and clean in minutes when you have the right tools in the kitchen.

Imagine making a side dish, while you make chapatis on another burner, and tea on yet another burner, without burning or ruining any of the dishes. This and more is indeed possible with non-stick cookware, your best friend and confidante in the kitchen!

In today’s world, non-stick pans, tawas and vessels are extremely common. A good number of millennials and Gen-Z are sometimes unaware of other types of vessels. If you are looking to make the switch from conventional cookware to non-stick, here are nine reasons why you should absolutely do it.

Begin your sojourn wit non-stick cookware with Premier, the best and most trusted non-stick cookware brand, trusted by millions of users across India.

The 9 Benefits of Non-stick Cookware :

  1. Premium Quality at Pocket Friendly Prices

Premier’s non-stick cookware is extremely affordable. The cookware is significantly inexpensive when compared to conventional cookware make of iron, steel or copper. You can purchase three or four non-stick vessels for the price of one conventional vessel.

  1. Easy to cook

Food, when cooked on non-stick cookware, sticks less to the surface of the vessel. Thereby, the food does not get burnt easily, and stirring curries and dry food in non-stick cookware is easier. When you use Premier’s non-stick cookware, you don’t need to spend time and effort in scraping food off the walls of the vessels!

  1. Easy to Clean

Do you feel frustrated when you see a pile of unwashed dishes in the sink?

Non-stick cookware is exceptionally easy to clean, nothing sticks to the surface, and nothing needs to be scrubbed off the surface while washing. Oil and debris of food don’t stick to the walls or base of the vessel! Additionally, all you need is a scrubbing sponge to get the food off your vessel! You don’t need to spend hours scrubbing the vessel to get remnants of food off the surface!

  1. Everyone can cook!

Cooking is an essential skill that most people need during the course of their life. Premier makes cooking literally as easy as breathing. If you are making a dosa or chapati, when you use Premier’s non-stick tawa you can apply the batter on the tawa and turn it over without having to worry much about the amount of oil you need to put or temperature settings. The dosa will just lift off the tawa with ease!

  1. Healthy Cooking for a healthy Future :

The main reason people use excessive amounts of oil or fat in cooking is to prevent the food from sticking to the vessel and burning. When you use best quality non-stick cookware, you can reduce or even completely eliminate the use of oil. This makes the food significantly healthier, making non-stick cookware a favourite among health aficionados.

  1. Simplified Shallow Frying :

Do you avoid making cutlets or fried items at home because of the amounts of oil it consumes?

Premier’s non-stick cookware help you shallow fry the food without consuming excessive amounts of oil. You can in fact reduce oil consumption by over 80% when you use non-stick cookware. The tawa and shallow frying pans are exceptionally good for use with fried or breaded food items that could otherwise break apart in the pan. Gulab jamuns and fried sweets are better when made with premier.

  1. The Best option for Multi-taskers:

Do you need to attend to your children or work as you cook?

Non-stick cookware ensures good heat distribution, and does not get overheated, making it the best choice for the busy home-chef. That’s not all, the food can be cooked in lesser time than it takes in conventional cookware and gives you and your loved ones more time to relax and spend with the family!

  1. One solution for all your needs :

Whether you use a hot plate, or an induction stove or a gas stove to prepare your food, Premier’s non-stick cookware are designed to work on all types of stoves. In fact, the non-stick pans can even be used in modern-day ovens and microwaves making them exceptionally versatile to all cooking machines! What more, the induction stoves and ovens of today come equipped with modes calibrated to non-stick cookware, making the process of cooking even simpler than it was.

  1. Risk-free, Guilt Free Eating :

There are no known health risks for people preparing or consuming food prepared in non-stick vessels. In fact, the reduction in oil consumption makes the food healthier than its conventionally cooked counterparts!

Premier’s Added Advantage :

Customer safety and satisfaction is a priority for Premier. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that customers receive good value every time they purchase a premier product. Our handles and pans are designed to provide maximum comfort. Additionally, the handles are all insulated to ensure that you don’t scald your hands as you cook.

The Bottom Line :

If you are still unsure about making the shift, think of this

              Premier’s Non-stick cookware help you save on energy, time, effort and money.

The time you spend in the kitchen preparing the food, scrubbing burnt food and washing the vessels will be significantly reduced. Additionally, you can save your hands the efforts of scrubbing stubborn food off vessels.

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