Ask any foodie, and they’ll tell you that there’s no wrong time to have cake. We’re pretty sure you feel the same way too! Cake is for everyone, and Premier cookware is your best friend when it comes to conjuring these sweet treats in the kitchen. Be excited to learn how to get 8 Easy-Bake Premier Pressure Cooker Cakes.

Cakes come in all shapes and sizes, based mostly on the ingredients inside as well as the baking method involved. The deal is, not everyone in India can afford the best cookware brands and ovens to bake cakes the traditional way. There is a ray of hope, however. Thanks to quality utensils like Premier cookware, you can bake sweet treats using just your pressure cooker! Wondering how? Pressure cookers can cook pastries in their own way. Adding to their versatility.

So without further ado,

let’s discover the delectable sweet treats that you can whip up anytime using your Premier pressure cooker!

1) The Basic Cake

Our guess is that most of you are probably new to the concept of pressure cooker baking. Don’t worry, with the best cookware brands in India such as a Premier pressure cooker, you’ll be baking cakes in batches in no time!

For a basic cake, you’ll need the usual ingredients, like milk, oil, sugar, flour, baking soda, flavor extract, and just a touch of vinegar and salt for the cooker. Grease the tray and prep the cooker with some salt preheating (with a ring for the cooker). Work on your batter, by mixing the milk, sugar, extract, and vinegar. Sieve it out and add baking soda, flour, and sugar and mix well, with a spot of milk for that golden texture.

Transfer to a pan and cook in your pressure cooker for about one hour. When it’s cooled, carefully check if it’s baked properly with a knife. If it goes in and out smoothly, your cake is ready! You can experiment with different flavors as well as frosting too. Don’t worry, your Premier pressure cooker can take it!

2) Coconut Cake

Now that you have the pressure cooker method to bake a cake pat-down, it’s time to experiment with flavors galore! With the best non-stick cookware brand products from Premier, you can go ahead and try out complex frosting and crumble cakes too, like the coconut cake!

The procedure for this cake follows the basic pressure cooker template. The extra ingredient for coconutty goodness here is desiccated coconut in the dry mix, and coconut milk in the wet mix. As always, be careful with the heat of the pressure cooker and be sure to check if it is properly baked. Enjoy a truly creamy coconut cake experience with Premier cookware!

3) Dry Fruits Cake

This exotic delight can easily be whipped up with a bunch of raisins and nuts that you stock during festive seasons. The x-factor here is that you can mix it up to your liking for different flavors. Want a nuttier taste? Go for more cashew nuts in the mix along with vanilla essence!

With the best and safe non-stick cookware in India for 2020, Premier guarantees that your cakes won’t become a kitchen disaster. For solid consistency, mix some yogurt into the melange and mix well with the flour. That way, the nuts will set in properly, instead of being flaky! Dry fruit cakes need precise timing and even cooking for the pressure cooker method, so we recommend Premier cookware.

4) Mango Cake

Why not include the king of the fruits in your sweet treat session? The key ingredients here are mango syrup (for best results, use freshly sourced) and lemon juice for that fruity zing. As you might expect, the syrup and juice go in the wet ingredient mix, along with the sugar. Whisk away until you get a nice thick batter, add the dry ingredients, like baking soda. Then, it’s pressure cooking time! For a mango cake, you can expect a cooking time of around half an hour, if you use the best cookware brands like Premier cookware.

5) Sponge Cake

This pastry is an old favorite among all age groups. You’d be surprised to know that it’s an easy-bake dish too! You don’t even have to spend time whipping or beating, and the ingredients are easy to obtain too. You’ll need butter, sugar, water, and condensed milk for the batter, which you should prepare in a pan over a flame while your Premier cookware pressure cooker is prepped. Mix the batter to the right consistency and keep it gently in the cooker with a heatproof tray. Cook for anywhere between half an hour to one hour, and check if the cake has come out golden and fluffy. Enjoy your delectable sponge cake anytime!

6) Banana Cake

Anyone who has sampled banana bread will connect with the exquisite taste of banana pastries. With Premier products being part of the best cookware brands in India, making banana cakes is hassle-free and smooth. You guessed it right, you need to mash your bananas into a fine puree before you set out to make the batter. Ensure that the paste is not too thick, as that will make the batter (and cake) too solid. When baking in the cooker, take care to not overcook it, as bananas become mushy very easily. Banana cakes are the perfect treat for a lazy afternoon, so go ahead and indulge!

7) Chocolate Pudding

Here’s a favorite treat for all age groups, with true chocolate bliss. Premier offers the best non-stick cookware company products in the market, so baking with chocolate in your cooker is a breeze. For this recipe, you’ll need some dark chocolate nicely ground up and made into a mix to include in the batter. For a gourmet touch, you can also add some nuts for that cookie crumble taste. Cook it in the pressure cooker for about 45 minutes and let it settle before you dig in!

8) Biscuit Cake

To round off the list, we have good old cookie-crunch goodness that can be made with ease thanks to Premier cookware, as one of the best cookware brands in India. The versatility of this recipe lies in the fact that you can experiment with any cookie you want. An old staple is Parle-G because it mixes well with the batter. For a finishing touch, you can sprinkle cookie crumbs on top for presentation. Mix and match different flavor essences and biscuits and see how it turns out!

No Baking Pressure With Premier Pressure Cookers

For all the above recipes, please note that

  • The weight should not be placed
  • The gasket is not required during the actual baking.
  • Pressure cooking deals with a lot of heat, so be careful!

With these tips in mind, you can easily cook up sublime pastries with your trusty Premier cookware pressure cooker. Easy-bake desserts for everyone, no oven required, thanks to the potential of Premier pressure cookers! Get your Premier non-stick cookware from us today!

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